Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Spooktacular

Have you missed us? Life has kept us pretty busy lately but we thought we would make it up to you with this Halloween Spooktacular! Clearly after watching this you will think Tina is a horrible mother. Farihn was very proud of his creation but Tina was a little too wrapped up in the production to praise him. Don't be too hard on her. And, for the record, Audrey does provide occasional meals for her family. This year we thought we would beat Regis and Kelly with our fabulous costume changes! Tina really wanted to be Lady Gaga but couldn't squeeze into the costume. Maybe next year! Our guess is that Kelly WILL BE Lady Gaga. It's a good thing we have fireman living all around us. We almost had to call them in! Have fun this Halloween and don't forget to GO WILD with your kids!! Don't forget to pause the music in the bottom right hand corner so you can hear ours!

Have any of you seen or heard about Tina's ghetto bus? It's going for a spin! And you won't believe what it looks like!

Stay tuned........

Audrey & Tina

Mummy Dogs

1 package of hot dogs
1 package thin crust pizza dough
can of cheeze whiz

Halloween Cinnamon Crisp

12 10 inch flour tortillas
non stick cooking spray
cinnamon sugar
Carmel dip

Witches Brew

1 Pumpkin
1 large bottle apple juice
1 lb dry ice

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As you can see by now there are a few things that Tina always likes to say, usually all of these things begin with "WHAT THE!" In honor of Tina we have named this post after Tina's favorite phrase. After you view this you too may be thinking to yourself, "WHAT THE!" Yes, we know this was a bit dangerous for a mommy to be doing.

Some of you may have been wondering where we have been? We are Mommies, and this means we are taking care of some very important business if you haven't heard from us, like cleaning toilets, picking up toys, wiping buggers of the walls, taxing our kiddies around or taking care of the husbands needs! (you know what we mean) Even though we are doing all of that, somehow we still find the time every week for some wild mommy time. We hope you enjoy watching and we really hope you feel inspired to give yourself a break. Make sure you tell your friends about us and don't forget to click on the follow button and join our club!

BTW Tina edited this video and yes she is a little ticked off that after all her work she realized a few words were misspelled, but that chick is too lazy to go back and fix the spelling. Victim does not have an e at the end and happen should be happens. Enough said!

Enjoy life,

Tina & Audrey

Monday, August 31, 2009

Ice Ice Baby!

I'm starting to think that Audrey might have a future in Tourism. Man does that girl like to give the FYI on everywhere we go! Alright mommies here we go again. This time we decided to mommy-nap someone. Watch out ladies you never know when we might show up on your doorstep. This Mommy didn't lock her doors and we love mommies that don't lock their doors. (Wink Wink!) Did we mention we are so happy that several of you have shared interest in going with us and we are dying to take you? We are working on some fun stuff to do in the near future. We will keep you up to date on any group plans we have.

BTW it was very late and very dark and we only had our little crappy video cameras, No worries, we're working on it.

Stay tuned and don't forget to click on the follow button and join our club


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rockin' our way to the top!!

Hey ladies! Here we go again with another great adventure! Rock climbing! So tell us, are you pumped up? Are you ready to join us? Are you ready to take the leap and go wild!? When was the last time you laughed yourself to tears and almost peed your pants? For us it was yesterday, okay really it was like five minutes ago. We have never felt better and we are dying for you to feel rejuvenated about life too. We need to ban together and reclaim our sanity! Motherhood is what you make of it! For us it is going to go down in history as one of the best times of our lives.

The Mexican (Tina's husband) gets the hubby of the year award because of his post yesterday on facebook. "I am glad that Tina has some time for herself away from the kids and husband. Happy mom= happy family. I am also happy to know that Audrey goes with her on her adventures just in case someone gets hurt. (just joking about getting hurt.) Just make sure you take lots of bandages." (Thank you Lover xxooxxoo Tina)

According to the little random kid you can hear in the video, we were more entertaining to watch then his skydiving Grandma! Oh yea baby! Don't forget to pause the music! We have our own for this video!!

Tina and Audrey

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wild Times on the Waterslide!!

Okay, Audrey was having major trauma about her "hot" body. She didn't want too many people catching a glimpse. So let's just say we had a lot of editing to do. Me on the other hand, it is what it is. Deal with it!! I keep telling Audrey "You are who you are, embrace yourself!" There is always going to be people who love you and people who just don't give a #$%&* about you!

Audrey doesn't think she is creative enough so we are sitting here together at the computer while Audrey is typing and I am dictating. So it's almost midnight, I snuck out of my house, which would have been easier when Audrey lived next door but now I have to drive one whole block! Just about kills me with the gas prices! Anyway, we are getting delirious from lack of sleep and helping with last minute assignments (kiddos) so we are just going to let the video do the talking! Meet us back here tomorrow with a whole new adventure! Don't forget to pause the music so you can enjoy the video!

Go mommies! Go, go, go mommies! Go!
Really, go to bed!!

Tina and Audrey

BTW: The good old teenage boys from our church happened to be behind us when we were doing our chinese fire drill. Too bad the camera was out of batteries! A little shout out to Andrew, Zach, and Austen! Hey boys, don't tell our kids you saw us! It's our little secret! ;)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rip Roaring Rapids (Okay maybe not!)

Two wild mommies and a Japanese exchange student take to the river for a fun filled day. Shhh..don't tell daddy and the kiddies! Some things are better left a secret. Oh and we totally think Chiaki is a little confused about what American mommies do all day.

Did one of us happen to say we don't need a man? Shame on that person, of course we do. (Wink Wink!) And as for the polluting of the's all good. We all live down stream!