Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As you can see by now there are a few things that Tina always likes to say, usually all of these things begin with "WHAT THE!" In honor of Tina we have named this post after Tina's favorite phrase. After you view this you too may be thinking to yourself, "WHAT THE!" Yes, we know this was a bit dangerous for a mommy to be doing.

Some of you may have been wondering where we have been? We are Mommies, and this means we are taking care of some very important business if you haven't heard from us, like cleaning toilets, picking up toys, wiping buggers of the walls, taxing our kiddies around or taking care of the husbands needs! (you know what we mean) Even though we are doing all of that, somehow we still find the time every week for some wild mommy time. We hope you enjoy watching and we really hope you feel inspired to give yourself a break. Make sure you tell your friends about us and don't forget to click on the follow button and join our club!

BTW Tina edited this video and yes she is a little ticked off that after all her work she realized a few words were misspelled, but that chick is too lazy to go back and fix the spelling. Victim does not have an e at the end and happen should be happens. Enough said!

Enjoy life,

Tina & Audrey