Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wild Times on the Waterslide!!

Okay, Audrey was having major trauma about her "hot" body. She didn't want too many people catching a glimpse. So let's just say we had a lot of editing to do. Me on the other hand, it is what it is. Deal with it!! I keep telling Audrey "You are who you are, embrace yourself!" There is always going to be people who love you and people who just don't give a #$%&* about you!

Audrey doesn't think she is creative enough so we are sitting here together at the computer while Audrey is typing and I am dictating. So it's almost midnight, I snuck out of my house, which would have been easier when Audrey lived next door but now I have to drive one whole block! Just about kills me with the gas prices! Anyway, we are getting delirious from lack of sleep and helping with last minute assignments (kiddos) so we are just going to let the video do the talking! Meet us back here tomorrow with a whole new adventure! Don't forget to pause the music so you can enjoy the video!

Go mommies! Go, go, go mommies! Go!
Really, go to bed!!

Tina and Audrey


BTW: The good old teenage boys from our church happened to be behind us when we were doing our chinese fire drill. Too bad the camera was out of batteries! A little shout out to Andrew, Zach, and Austen! Hey boys, don't tell our kids you saw us! It's our little secret! ;)


  1. Fun and by the way Tina..we have all been there with Audrey, one of the most beautiful women ever, that just doesn't know it. Looks like you had fun.

  2. Audrey...I love your saggy boobs. Can I be a member of your club. We have a bunch of mommies here in Murray who have gone wild. I have pics to prove it. If you need to see the pics before allowance to the club is accepted then let me know. -Julie

  3. This here is Julie again....Check out these posts of mine from 2008. There is no way you can turn me and my girls away from joining your club...Take a look...

  4. Julie...I have heard about all your "wild" nights but have never actually seen proof! You're right, no chance of turning you away! Not that we would ever want to! You rock!!

  5. LOL, you guys are having way too much fun. I don't think that is allowed in this county.

  6. Well, I am smiling so big right now! I am part of the Murray group of rowdies (with Julie) but just moved to Lehi six months ago! I totally know your pool and can't wait to hook up sometime, some place!!!

  7. Ok you guys were a riot the other night!! When you were done at the rockwall none of us at the front desk seen you come back in. We thought you didn't do the slide. I'm glad to see you did. I need to go on some of these adventures with you like you said. I work there and I've never done the rockwall or gone down the slide!! lol So good for you!!!

    (your rec center desk manager that night)

  8. Hey Haley!
    It's me Tina! The one married to the Mexican. We are dying to take you on our next trip. So what should we do,call the rec ceter and ask for Haley the desk manager (AKA) "mommie gone wild"? Will that work? That sure sounds like a plan to me!

  9. I LOVE seeing all your comments! Thanks for staying tuned! glad that we met you! Please come with us on our next adventure! We always have a good time! Can you tell!? :) live in Lehi now? Perfect!

  10. I work tonight from 4:30-about 8 and then I work weds and thurs 4:30-close (11pmish) so call and just ask for me!! It's Adventure time girls!!! Oh the later you call the less busy it is so I wouldn't be rushed off the phone. ttys