Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Spooktacular

Have you missed us? Life has kept us pretty busy lately but we thought we would make it up to you with this Halloween Spooktacular! Clearly after watching this you will think Tina is a horrible mother. Farihn was very proud of his creation but Tina was a little too wrapped up in the production to praise him. Don't be too hard on her. And, for the record, Audrey does provide occasional meals for her family. This year we thought we would beat Regis and Kelly with our fabulous costume changes! Tina really wanted to be Lady Gaga but couldn't squeeze into the costume. Maybe next year! Our guess is that Kelly WILL BE Lady Gaga. It's a good thing we have fireman living all around us. We almost had to call them in! Have fun this Halloween and don't forget to GO WILD with your kids!! Don't forget to pause the music in the bottom right hand corner so you can hear ours!

Have any of you seen or heard about Tina's ghetto bus? It's going for a spin! And you won't believe what it looks like!

Stay tuned........

Audrey & Tina

Mummy Dogs

1 package of hot dogs
1 package thin crust pizza dough
can of cheeze whiz

Halloween Cinnamon Crisp

12 10 inch flour tortillas
non stick cooking spray
cinnamon sugar
Carmel dip

Witches Brew

1 Pumpkin
1 large bottle apple juice
1 lb dry ice


  1. Love the Costumes! The recipes look easy and delicious! thanks!!

  2. You guys are amazing! I love the recipes!

  3. That was awesome cool... you guys are wonderful... too much fun...